The Creative Corner 

with Mrs.Diaz


Located at the NOTO Art Center Artists Cooperative in the Avant Garde Underground

935 N. Kansas Ave., Topeka, KS 66608

What to expect?

Welcome to the Creative Corner with Mrs. Diaz, where budding young artists find inspiration, nurturing, empowerment, and guidance under an experienced art educator to create their own masterpieces.

Each class is structured to provide step-by-step instruction tailored to the specific needs and skill levels of young artists — from beginners eager to learn the basics to experienced creators looking to gain practice or refine their techniques.

Classes at the Creative Corner not only grow your child's technical proficiency but also instill confidence and creative problem-solving skills. Through engaging projects and supportive tutelage, they learn to trust their instincts, take risks, and express themselves authentically through their artwork.

Here, every child is encouraged to explore their imagination, realize their vision, and discover the artist within. Join us, and let your imagination soar!

Why the Creative Corner with Mrs. Diaz? 

At the Creative Corner, your child has the opportunity to find their artistic voice under the guidance of a certified art teacher and seasoned art creator.

Your instructor, Mrs. Diaz, holds a Master of Education with a focus in studio art along with a fine arts degree in 2D art. She is also a full-time elementary art teacher who steadfastly keeps current with the latest developments in the art education field. 

What's more, students who enroll regularly will have a chance to display their art during NOTO's First Fridays, special youth art events, and exhibitions. In addition to the pride of completing their own masterpieces, they can experience the fulfillment of sharing their truest creative selves with the Topekan public.

Mrs. Diaz, Art Teacher at Quincy Elementary Signature Art School in North Topeka


Summer Art Sessions 

6 Art Classes (2 weeks), Wednesday–Friday

One-Day Kids Art Class

Check Enrollment Page, Facebook, or NOTO Calendar for upcoming one-day lessons that take place each month.

Monthly Creative Saturdays Kids Art Workshop

2-hour classes for 3-Saturdays. Check out the Enrollment Page for the schedule.

WednesdayFriday Weekday Art Lessons 

5:00 PM Classes during the weekday are possible. Call or email Mrs. Diaz for more information. 

Private Art Lessons or Event-Based Art Activities

Call or email Mrs. Diaz to discuss your interest and your child's needs.

Quality art supplies are included with your fee. 

Here, your child:

Drop them with the assurance that they are developing practicable skills and building their self-confidence. Meanwhile, take some time for yourself to enjoy the local shops and boutiques along the NOTO strip while your child is finding new ways to experience joy.